December 28, 2011

Happy Holiday!!!

Hi dolls i hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas? Happy New year in advance!!

Dress: F21
Shoe: Jessica Simpson dany
Earrings: Vintage 

December 22, 2011

Rocka chic...

Its been a while  since have been here, everything has been running  at a very fast pace for me that i haven't been able to slow down. Have missed blogging and now am really happy to be back. I went Christmas shopping with Tori and Liz today ...i know i know we are last minute shoppers but better late than never right? :) Am super excited Christmas is finally here, Tori and liz are living for Nigeria..tears tear :( gonna  miss them so much.....I have to say 2011 has been really fun, best year yet!. Am looking forward to  all the good sturvs 2012 has to offer cant wait!. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Leather pant: MMC
Sleeveless fur jacket: MMC
Shoes: gojane
bag: AMI
Accessory: F21
Sunglasses: Vintage

December 7, 2011

Leaves of Sass

Omg its been a crazy week, from one final exam to another but am super excited the semester is finally over.woohoo!!!

Top: F21
Skirt: F21
Shoe: MMC
Purse: borrowed from my sister Tori..hehehe

November 30, 2011

mixing pattern...

Hello dolls, so semester is almost over woohoooooooo!!!!! i cant wait to have some ME time....Hope you are all having a good week xxoo...
Blazer: f21
shoes: MMC
top: vintage
yellow clutch:Ami

November 26, 2011


...that`s mean`s flower of Lily in, am I fluent in french? heck no! I pick up few words here and there.oh by the way...anyone who hasn`t seen is Burn Notice on USA is on a long show on TV!!!..Jeffrey Donovan plays a burn spy named Micheal Westen gosh he is such an incredible    actor,overall the show is great with a line up of brilliant cast and storyline is amazing,totally random I know...LOL enough of my rants.. but yea if u havent seen it get in on the action. On another note, I gotta hit the gym and burn off all the calories I ate on thanksgiving, Can someone say Gluttony!!!!?..hehehe, now its exactly 24days till Xmas.Tori and Lizzy will not be here :( BOOO...I hate them lol
Military Jacket: Victoria Secret
Pant: Forever 21
Shoes and Clutch: Ami