November 26, 2011


...that`s mean`s flower of Lily in, am I fluent in french? heck no! I pick up few words here and there.oh by the way...anyone who hasn`t seen is Burn Notice on USA is on a long show on TV!!!..Jeffrey Donovan plays a burn spy named Micheal Westen gosh he is such an incredible    actor,overall the show is great with a line up of brilliant cast and storyline is amazing,totally random I know...LOL enough of my rants.. but yea if u havent seen it get in on the action. On another note, I gotta hit the gym and burn off all the calories I ate on thanksgiving, Can someone say Gluttony!!!!?..hehehe, now its exactly 24days till Xmas.Tori and Lizzy will not be here :( BOOO...I hate them lol
Military Jacket: Victoria Secret
Pant: Forever 21
Shoes and Clutch: Ami


  1. love all of the details on the jacket and the shoes and the bag added a charming pop of color!!! I sooo look forward to all your posts.

  2. love this look! you work your colors well and i feel you on the burning the thanksgiving weight lol

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  4. @style4curves...thanks for ur consistentlove..u are so sweet i know right? this weight gotta go
    @winda...Now following

  5. You look amazing!!! Those high-waisted pants are gorgeous!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  6. you look so fly lady! love that jacket
    btw tell me about burning those extra calories
    xo Dior

  7. Coat is sooo official! You look amazing!


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