November 16, 2011

Blind Me

I must admit blogging has been fun so far, Thanks so much for all the love and encouragements .I`m here and here to stay. For this post I decided I wanna take a different approach, so I "girly" it is , I said I have different layers right? hehehehe....I`m so in love with this shirt, its so girly and fun and I love the pleats and the fluidity of it, I just fell in it with the first time I saw I teamed up with my sister from (gosh shes so fierce!) for this shoot and we had so much fun on set. Check her blog out here , she is one of my inspirations to start blogging,tho` shes fairly new herself, she`s only a few months I go to enjoy this muggy day....xoxo
Skirt: Topshop
Top:  Asos
Shoes:  MMC
Sunglasses: Vintage
Accesories: F21


  1. YOu guys are a trip!!! I love both looks!! you guys look like you've just stepped out of some magazine pages!!!

    Now following!
    -E. Louise

  2. thanks E louise for the lovely comment!!!

  3. I loveeeeeee these pics!!! i can tell u guys had a blast!! Both so beautiful and stylish!

  4. thanks so much style4curve...ur blog is so cute, my sis (not vee4vibrant) loves ur blogs...shes a curvy girl too!

  5. Wow I love everything in this outfit, from head to toes!!!! You're DEFINITELY good at combining colors! Dope ;)


  6. Love the asymmetrical hem on the blue skirt!


  7. Love the bright yellow!

  8. Beautiful bag, and the location is so pretty!

  9. love those shoes...btw the way what is mmc lol? lawd knows i searched google for that to find the shoes!
    we should both follow ourselves!

  10. thanks guys....@ashithe mmc stands for :)